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Assignments 3/30-4/10

McSwain’s Assignments for 3/30-4/10

Please complete Assignments 1 & 2 before April 10, 2020.

All Welding Courses:

1) – Weld Joints Activity: Sketch each type of weld joint and list 3 examples of where you might see each joint being used.Activity – Weld Joints

2) – Use a ruler to complete the Scales & Measurements worksheet. Activity – Scales & Measurements

EXTRA CREDIT: Practice the Welding Game using the link below (you can use your phone!) Practice and screenshot your high scores so that when we return to school you can compare scores!

I miss you all, and I know we will see each other soon. Enjoy the time off and take care of business with your school work while we are away.


Week of 2/24-2/28

This week, students will finish up with the sawhorse projects we are building for our welding booths. Upon completion, students will begin studying for the AWS certifications and skills tests that they will be completing this spring.

Quizlet links will be available soon for the written exam.



This week we will:

Continue working with your groups to complete Harvest Festival projects. You may also practice:

7018 T-Joints – Horizontal and Vertical Fillet Welds

MIG T-Joints – Horizontal and Vertical Fillet Welds

Week of 8/26-8/30

We will be continuing our unit on Safety this week. You will:

Re-take safety tests if needed until Friday. We will also talk about upcoming opportunities for students interested in competitions and certifications.

Work on Section 1, Chapter 1 vocab terms and review.

Work on Section 1, Chapter 3: Vocab terms, review questions, draw and label the five basic weld joints (Edge, Lap, Butt, T-joint, Corner).

Remember that you MUST have your Personal Protective Equipment by Monday!

Have a great week and go Roughnecks!!

Week of 8/15-8/16

Welcome to Welding!!

This week on Thursday and Friday we will cover classroom procedures and the syllabus, requirements for Personal Protective Equipment, and outline requirements for a successful year in Welding.

Syllabus/Shop Agreement

Next week we will dive into general safety in the shop. (Your safety exam review is already posted under the DOCUMENTS page of this blog). GO ROUGHNECKS!